The first gallery of the world with the steady exposition of real naked people.

Five expositions VOAYER. Really life experience. Thousands of visitors. Just 90 hours of whole exhibition time. Very short duration for that strong and beautiful experience. Many reasons for making my decision to open in 2019 the first gallery on the world, where you can see the exposition of real naked people every single day.


This is the way how was created VOAYER

In 2016, I lived some months in my office. Out of money, run up debts and with many other problems which are very good-known by people. These troubles were not reasons for leaving the idea – if I really want something, I will go for it and I will achieve it – just start and continue.

After two months of campaign, in September 2016 I organized the first Exposition of naked women, in Bratislava. It was also the first big event in my life which was organized by me. The duration of exhibition was just twelve hours and event was visited by more than seven hundred enthusiastic visitors.

Two months later, I totally remade this success into failure in second Exposition of naked women, also presented in Bratislava. Everything ruined. Even, I faced up to punitive notice. The duration of this exhibition was eighteen hours and visited by some hundreds visitors. The most important for me, was, the fact, that people leaving the exposition, were again enthusiastic and full of mood.

You can read more information about the project VOAYER in my book, I, VOAYER which is available in bookstores and book eshops.

I even came deeper into debts and was living in these issues during some months. I did not give up. Oppositely. I decided to continue and improve it up to next level. In 2017 during the summer I organized the first Exposition of real naked women in Czech republic. Prague totally “opened the hands” and space for this event. The exposition spent eighteen hours and was visited by more than 1500 satisfied visitors.

During the spring 2018 I organized the last Exposition of real naked women, but for the first time in awesome areas of Dancing House Gallery. In areas and places where many well-known artists would like to show own art. The duration of exposition was 30 hours and was visited by thousands glad people.

In autumn 2018 I again organized the next exposition in Prague. Again the first one. The first one of the context of new topic. At that time, the Exposition of real naked men. With duration just twelve hours.

People are art